World IP Day 2022

Patents, copyright, trademarks and designs impact on our daily life

The protection of Intellectual Property is essential for fostering innovation, legitimacy and the continuous strive for better solutions and achievements.

Businesses and individuals would not be able to fully exploit their inventions if innovations were not protected, and most would spend less funds on research and development, slowing down the progress of most industries and as a result our everyday lives would not be filled with exciting and new possibilities and solutions.

The modern-day Intellectual Property rights can be traced back to two British statues established during the 17th and 18th centuries – the Statute of Monopolies from 1624 – The Statute of Anne, generally known as the Copyright Act of 1709, provided book publishers with 14 years of legal protection, as well as 21 years for publications already in print, but the very first recorded cases date back to the Ancient Greece, 500 B.C.E., when chefs in the Greek colony of Sybaris were granted year-long monopolies for creating particular culinary delights.

We have seen Intellectual Property laws alter and evolve across the world, even though protection varies by nation, but countries with strong IP laws acknowledge the importance of creative works, designs, innovations, and other forms of Intellectual Property to the entire economy.

All of us at BALDER, we support the constant and inevitable evolution of Intellectual Property rights which are fostering innovation, creativity as well as the economy all over the world for creators, inventors, investors, business, and consumers alike.

We take this day as a special reminder of all we aspire for and would like to thank all our clients and partners for their continuous trust in us for the past decade.

As the world moves into web 3, artificial intelligence and the latest Internet technologies that leverage machine learning and blockchain, the future of Intellectual Property looks as exciting as ever: opening up to new challenges as well as many new opportunities.

We look forward to this new year of IP and new era!