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Violeta Delgado


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Violeta was born and raised in Madrid. From 2005 to 2011, she studied a 5-year University degree in Translation and Interpreting (German and English) at the Universidad Complutense. She has always loved travelling, so she did not hesitate when in the middle of her degree the opportunity to take part in an European Voluntary Service in Vienna came. She spent in Vienna one year teaching Spanish in a Montessori School, which was doubtlessly a very enriching experience that gave her the chance to improve her German skills. Afterwards, in 2009, she spent one academic year in the Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften University in Winterthur (Switzerland) thanks to an Erasmus Scholarship. 

Since November 2011 she is a Sworn Translator and Interpreter (German&Spanish) certified by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

She started her professional career as a translator in 2013 when one of the greatest achievements of her professional career took place. She started working as a translator (Spanish, German and English) in the Central Register of Convicted Persons and Rebels, which belongs to the Ministry of Justice. There she learned a lot about law, legal systems and of course administrative issues. Her job was to translate the Criminal Records (offences, penalties and sentences); more specifically those offences committed by Spanish citizens in German and English-speaking countries. 

In 2016 she decided it was time for a change, so she took a one-year leave and travelled to Montreal looking for new rewarding professional experiences. She worked there as a videogame tester and in Cirque de Soleil, where she could proof Customer Service skills.  

She is a curious person and with many social concerns, very committed with gender equality and cultural diversity. That social interest led her back in 2109 to the Universidad Complutense to study a Master´s degree in Gender Studies, as well as a 400 hours- certificate for the defence and promotion of equal opportunities between women and men. 

The world of Industrial Property has been a revelation to her, and she is enjoying this new field of knowledge, while keep discovering it every day. She strongly believes that the success lies in broadening our perspectives and be open to what this multidimensional reality has to offer us. 

She is a coffee lover, loves her two sibling cats, and is a total fan of the concept of intersectionality.