Alexandros Stavrinadis

T: +34 911336879 | M: +34 650636887

Av. Diagonal, 640, 08017 Barcelona

Alexandros Stavrinadis

European Patent Attorney (EQE), Registered Representative before the Unified Patent Court

Areas of Expertise

Micro and Nano Technology

Photonic Sciences

Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science and Optoelectronics





Alexandros is a European Patent Attorney and a Representative before the Unified Patent Court. However, his professional career path is quite remarkable and unique. As a born and bred Greek islander of Ikaria, Alexandros spent most of his childhood being surrounded by the mesmerizing Aegean Sea, and dreaming a career in science and technology. Hence, at the age of 17 he moved to the port-city of Thessaloniki at the north of Greece to study Physics. Having obtained his B.Sc. in Physics, he then moved to the United Kingdom where, with the aid of a series of scholarships, he enriched and broadened his scientific knowledge and skill set at two of the world’s top universities.

He firstly studied Micro and Nano Technology at the University of Cambridge where he got his Master’s (M.Phil.) degree. Then he pursued his Doctorate (D.Phil.) at the Materials Science Department of the University of Oxford. After completing his D.Phil., Alexandros continued his scientific research, working for one more year as a post-doctoral Fellow at the University of Oxford. Always chasing new professional challenges and learning opportunities, Alexandros then moved to Shanghai in China where he worked for one year at the private sector. Subsequently, still motivated by his passion for cutting-edge scientific research, and by his love for the sea and sun, Alexandros continued his academic career at one of the most vibrant, beautiful, and sunny coastal towns of the south of Europe. At Barcelona, Alexandros worked as a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Photonic Sciences – ICFO –  on some highly interdisciplinary projects involving chemistry, physics, materials science and optoelectronics. Overall, as an academic researcher, Alexandros has been quite prolific.

He has published more than 30 publications in high impact-factor scientific journals, including several papers in Nature-family journals, and his published work has received more than 2000 citations in scientific publications. Alexandros’ published work spans across several different technical fields, from quantum dots and photovoltaics to plasmonic nanoparticles and 3D-printing. Moreover, Alexandros is a co-inventor of several families of patent applications and granted patents.

Through his involvement in the patenting of his own inventions, Alexandros progressively became fascinated with patent law. Hence, eventually, and after having decided not to accept some professorship positions in prestigious universities, Alexandros joined an intellectual property law firm at Barcelona, and in 2021 he passed the European Qualifying Examinations and became officially a European Patent Attorney. Then, in 2022 Alexandros completed his Diploma on Patent Litigation in Europe from the University of Strasbourg, and in 2023 Alexandros became a registered Representative before the Unified Patent Court.  Also, in 2023 Alexandros made the next big step in his career and joined the Barcelona office of Balder.

At Barcelona, when not working, Alexandros spends his time with his wife, kids, and friends, preferably doing what he always liked to do: enjoying the sea and sun!