When you hear “Germany” – what comes to your mind? Cars, Currywurst or Oktoberfest? Probably you thought as well that Germany is mostly known for its excellence and high technology standards.

Without a doubt, we are very proud that one of our specialities is “German desk” representing everything that our German-origins stand for: high quality, innovation, excellence, reliability, safety and professional expertise paired with advanced technology; providing you with the optimal personalized solutions in IP Law.

Four of BALDER’s partners are native German speakers, who have a strong influence on the firm: our Managing Partner, Olof Fickert, head of the Patent Department, Magnus Stiebe, head of the Legal Department, Patricia Koch and the head of the Trademark Department, Jens Jahnke. Together with a team of internationally renowned lawyers, patent attorneys and with the support of more than 15 German-speaking paralegals as well as accounting specialists, this dedicated team gives our firm a “black-red-golden” work mentality which guarantees a satisfactory, successful and pleasant cooperation for all your IP needs in Latin America and Spain.

“Willkommen bei BALDER!” – we look forward hearing from you!


With the combined international experience of over two decades, we look forward to work with you.