BALDRON is our digital team-member, who helps us in the day-to-day business to handle repetitive, time-consuming tasks ensuring that our quality standards are met continuously and allowing our attorneys and paralegals to focus on things that really matter: our customers and business relations. Our complex computer systems containing our routine proceedings have a vast amount of structured and unstructured data and with the help of BALDRON, we can make use of time-saving solutions, challenging ourselves and strive for better results every day.  

Among other things, BALDRON also helps us to gather an array of information about communications with local TMO´s by streamlining, following up and implement better quality controls which reflect in our work: you are getting reliable and relevant information about your case at all times. The world evolves rapidly and as we are entering a new digital era our goal is to adopt the most suitable solutions for our digital systems; with BALDRON we are getting innovative and intelligent solutions in our work.