INTA 2023

We're looking forward to attending the International Trademark Association 2023 Annual Meeting Live+ next week in Singapore!

As one of the most established IP conferences, INTA 2023 brings together professionals from around the world & our team, Olof Fickert, Óscar García, Carlos Pires, Jens Jahnke and Carmen Romero will be joining as well the other industry leaders for four days of insight, connection and inspiration.

This conference features:
* Over 200 informational sessions led by leading practitioners on emerging legal issues, strategic brand management, anti-counterfeiting and more.
* Keynote presentations from executives representing internationally recognized brands.
* Extensive networking opportunities with over 10,000 attendees from Fortune 500 companies, technology firms, consumer brands, and law firms.
* A large Expo Hall showcasing the latest brand protection tools, services and technology.

For four days, INTA 2023 offers a valuable opportunity for collaboration, cooperation and networking on both the challenges and opportunities facing brand owners today. We look forward to seeing you at what promises to be a worthwhile conference for any brand management or trademark professional.