Because we wanted to create the firm that, had it existed, we would have liked to join. We believe that the key to success is talent and hard work, combined with a bit of luck. There is not much that we can do about the luck factor. So the question is: how do you make talented people work hard? The answer is obvious: motivating them! We are hard-working professionals and believe ourselves to be talented. But we do know that there are other talented people out there, willing to work hard if encouraged. We want them to join us, and to stay with us.

We created BALDER to provide a motivating environment for those IP professionals with talent who want something more than a decent salary and, maybe, a small part of the profits. BALDER has therefore something that we believe to be unique for IP firms in Spain: a career plan according to which professionals who prove their talent and who work hard will not only become partners: they will actually become equity partners equal to the founding ones. Any talented person who joins us and who works hard will not be confined to a minority position just because some of us arrived earlier.

We do not claim to have invented this concept: we have been inspired by how some of our northern European clients and colleagues run their successful business. We believe that this approach to participation will make us attractive for talented people, who know that they will share the benefit of their hard work. Attractive as well for our clients, because a talented, hard-working team is what will make it possible for us to offer quality work products at a competitive price. That is WHY we have founded BALDER, that is WHY we believe that those with talent and willing to work hard will join us, and that is WHY we believe that our clients will be satisfied with their choice of BALDER as their Intellectual Property services provider. Why BALDER? Well, as Gylfaginning puts it:

“The second son of Odin is Balder, and good things are to be said of him. He is best, and all praise him…”

We will try to live up to that!