When Susana finished high school she was sure about what she liked most, so she enrolled in a Mathematics Degree. There she spent a couple of years making calculations and solving complex equations, until she discovered that everything was too ethereal. She wanted something more real and immediate, so she decided to study and become an administrative assistant and look for a job.

In 1992 she began working as a paralegal in the most important industrial insurance brokerage company in Spain, working side by side with one of the associates of the firm.

Looking for new challenges, in 1996 she joined one of the main Spanish Intellectual Property firms, with offices in Spain, in Portugal and Latin America. There we can say she “fell in love” with patents and trademarks. She worked there for 17 years until she started in BALDER’s Bilbao office in 2013, where she is still working with patents and trademarks.

In her spare time, Susana enjoys spending time with her family, especially with her two daughters. Whenever she can, she travels to Andalusia looking for sun and the wonderful beaches there. ”It recharges my batteries”, she says. Probably the reason is the Cordoban blood that flows through her veins.