Graduated in Biochemistry (Portugal)
LL.M in Intellectual Property Law and Management
European Patent Attorney
Co-founding member of the International Institute for IP Management (I3PM)

In 1997 Martina graduated in Biochemistry from the Science Faculty of Lisbon. After spending a few years working as a researcher at the ITQB (Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica- Portugal), she felt it was time to look for a more “reliable” job, not so dependent on the granting (or not) of research scholarships.

Due to her German background and language skills (apart from her German and Portuguese mother tongues, she is also fluent in English and Spanish and understands French), in 2000 she got the opportunity to join the patent department at the Portuguese office of a leading multinational IP firm focused on the Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries. There she started as a patent translator, particularly in the field of chemistry, agro-chemistry, pharmaceuticals and biotech, mainly from German (but also from English) into Portuguese.

However, being a translator was not really one of her primary ambitions, so she quickly learned her way around dealing with patents and became responsible for the Patent department and for the Technological Information Unit. On her way she gained substantial hands-on experience in patent drafting, filing, prosecution (mainly before the Portuguese PTO and the EPO), and in providing technical and legal support to national and international clients. Apart from the patent work, she also closely collaborated with the Marketing department for developing the business in Portugal.

In 2007 she felt it was time to embrace a new challenge. So, she decided to do a Master degree in IP Law and Management at the Université Robert Schuman, CEIPI, Strasbourg, France. And as one challenge was not enough for her, at the same time she left her job and started to work as an independent IP consultant.

Later, through an IP firm based in Liechtenstein, for whom she became an external counsel, she got the chance to go to Switzerland to work in the IP department of a well-known company in the field of medical devices, more specifically, in the field of implants and prosthesis. This was a very enriching experience, not only from a professional, but also from a personal perspective.

Martina was one of the very first professionals in Portugal to become a European Patent Attorney by passing the European Qualifying Examination (EQE)… and this in 2013!

In 2014 she started a new project in Portugal dedicated to the professional development of those working in the field of IP. Just as in many other countries in southern Europe, also in Portugal things have started to change in this area. The need for training and education was always there, but now there is also a demand!

In her spare time, she enjoys above all being with her family. She goes to her dance and step classes. She loves hiking, but also cooking, gardening or reading a good book.