IT Manager & Developer

Mario is an excellent programmer analyst. However, he is more than that: he is an IT expert who has been running the IT systems of IP boutique firms and developing software for them since 1990. From 1990 to 2012 Mario worked for two of Spain’s most important IP Law firms and collaborated closely with a leading producer of software for management of patent and trade-mark portfolios.

In 2012, after more than 20 years as an employee, Mario decided to go independent. His idea was to act as an external IT consultant for different firms in the IP field. He wanted more freedom and thought that there would be a demand for his services. He was right about there being a demand.

His first client was BALDER. Very shortly after founding the firm, we found that we needed an IT guy, and preferably an IT guy (or girl) who knew our business. And as almost all of us knew Mario, he was our first choice. He started carrying out tasks for us already in the summer of 2012.

Back in those days we were still a small firm and we thought that we did not need a full-time IT expert, and that we would be better off using external support. However, soon we realised that we had been wrong. In order to provide our clients with improved services and interfaces, in order to facilitate work for our increasing number of professionals, in order to be able to work paperless and in order to guarantee a high level of security, in the end we had Mario working fulltime for us. So we decided that we would all be better off if he joined the team.

So here he is. Making sure that our IT system is always up and running, thereby avoiding frustration for us and for our clients.