B. A. Communication Studies, Romance Studies and Business Administration

Lisa was born in a very small town near Nürnberg, in the beautiful Bavaria, in Southern Germany. In the last years of high-school she decided to learn Spanish and she liked it so much that she perfected it at the University. In Bamberg -another Bavarian city-) Lisa studied Communication, Hispanic Philology and Economics in a 3-subject Bachelor´s degree.

At the University she took advantage of the different scholarships she got to get to know the Spanish culture and language. She actually got a first Erasmus scholarship in the winter of 2012 and2013 in Salamanca, where she studied Journalism at the Pontificia University. She liked the experience so much, that she got a second Erasmus scholarship this time in Madrid, where she also worked as an intern at a language school. Despite being a much bigger city and maybe having less green zones than she was used to back in Bavaria, she liked Madrid very much, so she decided to stay. She applied then for a job at BALDER, where she is part of the Trademark Department.

Lisa finds this is a very attractive working environment, where she can grow and learn a lot. She feels that the use of German, Spanish and English is essential for her self-development. Here at BALDER she can be part of a multicultural team, with people from different parts of the world. Her interest in Law started at the law-related subjects she took at the University and she feels fascinated with Trademarks.

In her spare time Lisa likes travelling, hanging out with friends, going to the movies and also playing the guitar!