Kathrin, who grew up on the north coast of Germany, was always fascinated by the wider world, so after finishing high school, she decided to get to know the world before starting her University studies.

Consindering the world is a big place, she decided to start by getting to know Europe first. She went to Ireland where she worked in a racing stable in the Curragh. After a short stop back home in Germany, she packed her things again and decided to travel to Central America. She had many amazing experiences there: she lived and travelled from Mexico to Panama, worked as a volunteer in literacy programs, helped reconstruct a village in Nicaragua and saved turtles on the beach of Costa Rica.

Once back in Germany, she decided to start her BA degree in Cultural and Social Anthropology, but thanks to her eagerness on seeing more of the world, she decided to study in the most beautiful student city in the world: Vienna. Alongside her studies, she also made time to work for a major catering agency and worked as a restaurant manager for Formula 1 in Japan and Dubai, as well as at EURO 2012 in Kiev and the Champions League semi-final 2013 in London.

After completing her degree, it was time to travel again! This time a year in South America, where she lived with a host family in Colombia, made a boat tour of the Galapagos Islands, celebrated carnival in Rio, rode her bicycle on the Death Road in Bolivia and stomped through the big city jungle in Buenos Aires.

While she was still recovering from the many mosquito bites from the Amazon, she was accepted into the double master’s program “Peace and Conflict Studies” at the University of Kent and the Philipps University Marburg. She spent two intensive years learning about international conflicts, interactive mediation negotiations and the political history of the world.

After her studies, she moved to Brussels, for her first professional experience in development policy. While being there, she broadened her perspectives, culturally and personally as well as professionally.

However, it was time to start settling down, and she did not feel Brussels was the place for that. Madrid was the obvious choice for Kathrin, as it combines all the things she loves most and sometimes missing about travelling.

Kathrin finds the IP world fascinating and is always happy about the positive outcomes in negotiations and disputes between brand owners.

At Balder, she works in the Latin America Team, which for her is the perfect combination of internationality and diversity.