Katerina spent most of her childhood years in Athens, Greece. From a young age she wanted to go travelling the world and helping people. So she decided to study “Health Visiting (Community and Public Health)” at the Technical University of Athens, hoping to one day work in the humanitarian sector. After graduating a different kind of opportunity came along, which she really wanted to take. For 2 years she managed a community health program of an NGO, working with Roma children and families.

Because Katerina always dreamt of seeing more of the world and living in different countries, in 2011 she decided to move to Munich, Germany. In the years that followed she mastered the German language and discovered the German culture. Beside changing her country of residence, she decided to also pursue a different career. She started working in an Early Childhood Educational Centre as an Assistant Teacher and in parallel she took up courses that led her to a teaching degree. After completing her studies, she worked as a teacher and eventually was promoted to a Team Leader, managing a team of 3 teachers and an intern.

Although she loved her job, after seven years in Germany it was time to try a new country. Being an admirer of Spanish culture and having learned the Spanish language when she was a student, she decided to move to Madrid, Spain. Always keen to broaden her horizons and learning new skills, she started an administrative job. After meeting some very motivated BALDER IP employees and learning about their work she thought it would be the place for her: a whole new world to learn about: Intellectual Property. Her first contact with Law was during her studies in Athens where she had courses in European and Family Law. Intellectual Property also was not too foreign also. In Germany she worked as a preschool teacher for one of the preschools of EPO and used to have really interesting conversations with the parents of the children about their work. Furthermore, working with international colleagues and keeping up her German skills and at the same time improving her Spanish sounded like a perfect opportunity. She has enjoyed being part of the BALDER family since July 2018.

In her spare time, Katerina is still passionate about her voluntary work for an international NGO. Even when moving to Germany and now in Spain, she continues to volunteer for them. Besides volunteering, Katerina also loves travelling. Since she has moved to Spain, her main focus is traveling around Spain and discovering the local culture.