M. A. Political Science
Spanish Patent and Trademark Attorney
European Trademark Attorney

From 1986-1991 Juan Pedro studied Political Science at the Madrid Complutense University, and as he loved the subject, he continued with a one-year postgraduate course at the Kingston University in London, followed by a postgraduate course in International Studies at the Sociedad de Estudios Internacionales S.E.I. (Madrid). Next, in 1993, he started to work towards getting his doctorate degree in Political Science.

However, in order to pay for his living while completing the doctorate, he was simultaneously working for a small Intellectual Property firm in Madrid, making translations and doing paralegal work related to patents. And, as sometimes happens, this work absorbed him more and more, and there was less and less time for the thesis. Finally, he ended up shelving it, and converted what was originally meant to be a temporary job, into his profession.

In 1995 he moved to one of the most important Spanish IP firms, where he was assigned to the department attending foreign clients. Working for that firm, he passed the qualifying examination and became a Spanish Patent and Trademark Attorney. With time, his work became more and more focused on administration, and he took part in the creation of one of the firm’s gems: the very successful one-stop shopping program for patents and trademarks in Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

Some people may think that managing a one-stop shopping program is easy: isn’t it all about sitting in your hub, acting as a mailbox between your clients and your local offices and/or associates in the different countries? Well, sometimes, this may be the case. But this is not what Juan Pedro offered the clients, which felt that they were attended by one single team, in an efficient manner, with a minimum of bureaucracy and paperwork, and at a cost that was not higher, but rather lower than the cost that the client would have faced if personally handling each case directly with the local agent. And still, the program was profitable for the firm.

How did he do it? Well, we are not going to tell our secrets for success on our website!

Now, the thing is that due to this success, in spite of his somewhat “odd” background in Political Science, Juan Pedro became a key person at his previous firm. And, not surprisingly, he is now a key person at BALDER, where he will make sure that our one-stop shopping program for Spain, Portugal and Latin America will likewise be a success. And not only our one-stop shopping program: as Juan Pedro has proven to be a brilliant team manager, so he is also managing the entire paralegal term of our Patent Department, making sure that it is run efficiently and with zero mistakes. Good for our clients, good for us!

Juan Pedro tends to work a lot. But he is also a sporty guy, who enjoys his mountain bike, running and skiing. And, of course, riding his motorcycle.