M. Sc. Industrial Engineering
European Patent Attorney

In 1995 Isabel graduated from ICAI (Madrid, Spain) as an Industrial Engineer, majoring in Electronics. The last year she studied in the Paris region, at ESIEE (Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs en Electrotechnique et Electronique), within the framework of the Erasmus programme.

Besides becoming very fluent in French (she already was fluent in English), she had a wonderful time and learnt a lot about French culture (she probably did not learn as much about power electronics as her student mates back in Madrid, though). Still, just like many other Spaniards, Isabel enjoys being close to her family, so after doing her final degree project in the electric vehicle field while working as a stagière at Renault close to Paris, she returned to Madrid.

Unfortunately, the electric vehicle scenario in 1995 was rather dreary in Spain, so after a brief incursion into management consulting, in 1996 she found herself working for the so-called “foreign patent department”, at one of the leading Spanish IP firms. There she was lucky enough to learn the IP basics from her German and Swedish colleagues, from whom she also learnt to enjoy the profession (because it has to be admitted that the large amount of “paperwork” involved with the patent profession is not what most engineers dream about from the outset …).

So in spite of many of her friends questioning her (what does an engineer do in a Law firm?), she has been working in IP ever since… why not? Her initials even coincide, so maybe she was predestinated to this profession!

Since 1996 and while working for three of the major Spanish IP firms (in one of which she was the deputy manager of the patent department), Isabel has acquired a very substantial hands-on experience in patent drafting and prosecution, mainly before the Spanish PTO, the EPO and the USPTO, but also in many Latin American countries (two of the firms she worked for had offices in Portugal and in Latin America, and she worked in close collaboration with those offices). Her main areas of practice are general electronics, computer implemented inventions and mobile communications. As a matter of fact, she managed the IP portfolio for an important telecom company for over a decade.

In her spare time, she enjoys being with her family and friends. She also likes sports, especially running (specially 10K, but also a half-marathon every now and then), playing ‘pádel’ and swimming. She is a bit of a freak and still reads most books on paper and goes to the cinema every now and then.