Carmen comes from the south of Germany, near Stuttgart. She completed her high school specializing in commercial and after her diploma she decided to do an apprenticeship as an office clerk. In her second training year she became a fix member in the accounts department, where she discovered her passion for book keeping. Few months later she became the head of the department, which she leaded on her own responsibility. Determination is one of her biggest potency, that´s why she always searches for more, a job where she can use her multilingual skills.

Furthermore Carmen comes from a mixed background, her father is German and her mother is Spanish. From her early childhood she has felt a strong attachment to her Spanish descent, culture and attitude towards life. In 2015 she finally took a risk and made a step to a new period of life, leaving her native country and her friends, she moved to awesome Madrid.

Since March 2015 she became a member of BALDER. Carmen is happy that she finally found a job that she is fond of. According to her, this job contains everything she dreamed of, she can contribute daily her language skills, work in a multicultural team in which you can everyday learn something new and the most important for her, that she feels home in our company.

She spends her free time with her family in a village near Toledo, her friends and her dog. Carmen loves travelling, that´s why she always travels because she is very interested in other countries and their cultures.