BALDER IP LAW has as its objective the provision of technical legal services related to Industrial Property, ranging from the comprehensive management and maintenance of Patents and Trademarks to the legal defense of our clients’ intangible rights.

BALDER Management expresses its commitment with the Quality Management System, certified under the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 Standard, and we accompany our employees in their participation and integration as a company culture. In this regard we undertake to:

  • Know the needs and expectations of our customers, suppliers and other interested parties, in order to ensure the provision of our service in an appropriate manner, ensuring compliance with the requirements established between both parties.
  • Establish effective communication channels with customers, suppliers and other interested parties, which facilitate integration with the latter to define and adapt to their needs and expectations.
  • Establish effective evaluation mechanisms to partners and suppliers, ensuring the provision of an excellent service to our customers in terms of Quality.
  • Pursuing excellence and continuous improvement, by indentifying oportunities for improvement, both in the management and in the relations with all the parties involved, directly or indirectly, directing the efforts not only towards identifying and correcting nonconformities, but also towards preventing their causes.
  • Maintain the appropriate conditions in the company’s different working areas in order to facilitate the expression of new ideas and proposals.
  • Compliance with the legal, regulatory and normative requirements applicable to our activity.
  • Provide the training necessary for an efficient performance of our employees’ roles and tasks.
  • Continuous improvement in the performance of our activities and the effectiveness of the System.
  • Mitigate and ultimately prevent the risk derived from our activities through an identification/assessment system in terms of probability and severity.

This Policy is the basis of our Quality Management System, which will be developed by establishing measurable objectives, which will be periodically reviewed as established in the system itself so that continuous improvement can be shown. We are sure that the establishment, revision and achievement of the proposed objectives and indicators will benefit everyone and will lead to a better company development.