New measures adopted by the Brazilian Patent Office in order to expedite examination of patent applications.

Posted on 17/07/2019 by balder


Following Rule 242/19 published on July 2, 2019, the PPH PROSUL pilot program will be effective in this country in order to speed up examination of patent applications. According to same, Brazilian patent applications filed more than 18 months ago for which technical examination has already been requested and being member of patent families whose earliest application has been filed in one of the countries member of PROSUL (Argentina, Chile, Colombia. Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay) will benefit from this PPH program.

In addition, by virtue of Resolutions 240/19 and 241/19 published on July 9, 2019, the Brazilian Patent Office will issue as of July 23, 2019 “preliminary” office actions requesting the applicants to adapt the claims on file in light of the Search results available from foreign patent offices since no additional national search will be effected. This route to expedite prosecution will be available for those application filed prior to December 31, 2016 for which technical examination has not been yet requested and provided that accelerated examination has not been previously requested and no objections have ben raised by ANVISA.

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