Ph. D in Physical Chemistry (Materials): nanotechnology
M. Sc in Chemistry
Specialized Course in Patents and Technology Transfer

Like many of her colleagues in Balder, Chiara comes from a bicultural environment: Italian on her paternal side and Spanish on her maternal side. Since childhood, Chiara has lived in several cities such as Barcelona, Madrid and Paris, where she learned French. Her stay in the country of the Provence, left Chiara in love with this country and her desire to return there has never disappeared.

After studying chemistry at the Complutense University of Madrid, Chiara decided that she had to continue traveling and this time she went to Brussels to work as a chemist in the restoration of pieces of art. Despite working surrounded by Van Eyck’s altarpieces, Chiara missed the activities of research and in 2013 she decided to start a PhD in the French city of Montpellier.

During the PhD, she specialized in the synthesis of nanoparticles for applications for treatment of retinoblastoma and prostate cancer. After three hard years, her effort was rewarded with the award for the best PhD in 2016.

Her interest in patents began with a patent application made during her PhD. In the laboratory, Chiara became aware that, in many academic laboratories, there were great inventions that needed to be conveniently protected by patents.

Therefore, at the end of a post-doctorate in 2017, Chiara decided to take the Specialist in Patents and Technology Transfer course with the Magister Lucentinus in Alicante and once completed, she joined Balder in April 2018, where her interest and knowledge in the field of patents continues to grow.

In her free time, Chiara enjoys spending time with family, learning to bake, which is sincerely appreciated by her colleagues at Balder and, above all, traveling when she can.