Colorful legal battles to make a difference

Can a company become the sole owner of a color?

It’s not easy for a company to become the sole owner of a specific color, although many have tried. In the words of Blanca Fresneau, lawyer at Balder, “The consumer associates colors with emotions and feelings and, therefore, companies want to be able to boast of having an exclusive color”.

Think of a soft drink with the iconic label in color red or a fast food chain that combines the colors red and yellow, we will probably all think the same”. However, not all companies manage to register their colors like Coca-Cola or McDonald’s and there are many challenges companies face during this process.

Find out more about color registrations as trademarks as well as tips on obtaining a successful registration in this article published by Expansión Jurídico with the collaboration of Blanca Fresneau, industrial property lawyer at Balder: