Louise Wood

Trademark & Design Consultant

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She was born in Scotland, Aberdeen, and moved to Alicante when she was nine years old. She remained in Alicante until she finished University, and over the years she managed to discover the “millor terreta del món” (“the best place on Earth”).

Thanks to Louise’s passion for her mother tongue, and once having finished her degree in English studies, she decided to improve her studies and what better place than Madrid! After meditating and being willing to leave her Mediterranean life in the background, she moved to Madrid to do a Master’s degree in English Linguistics and International Communication.

Having finished her Master, she devoted herself to what attracted her most at the time, which was teaching English by applying IT and passing on her knowledge to different groups: in language schools, companies, law firms… and then BALDER came on the scene. In BALDER she saw a great opportunity to grow professionally while contributing her language skills, since languages are essential in the company. In the course of her work, she was able to learn first-hand the IP jargon along with the subject matter thereof, which she continues to delve into daily.

In addition to her involvement in work, Louise is able to combine her paddle tennis competitions with multiple trips, where she takes the opportunity to visit her family and friends as well as to get to know the culture and taste the local cuisine from wherever she goes.