Angela Müller Hernández

Paralegal / Patent Validation

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Prosecution & Formalities





Angela is graduated in biology since 2000. She has completed her last undergraduate course with a Socrates-Erasmus scholarship in Vienna, where she continued her postgraduate studies in a research project in microbial ecology and molecular biology.

She has a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering and Management and has passed the first exercise of the state exam of Environmental Waste Agent of the City Council of Madrid. She also has a training in food quality. Angela is a person wo is always willing to learn and has spirit of overcoming.

She is bilingual German-Spanish, and has a fluent English. Her bilingualism is due to being half Austrian, half Spanish, and also to having graduated in a German school.

She discovered Industrial Property in her first job, as coordinator of patent translators, and has returned to this sector for the good memory she has of that experience. She is keen to innovate and improve, and often comes to her mind possible inventions. She likes to play with the idea of ​​inventing something new.

Her work experience goes back to times of R & D in biotechnology in Vienna, and more recently she has participated in projects to implement software solutions for the management of blood banks. She has worked as a science and language teacher, as a bilingual receptionist during the difficult years of crisis, and in customer service in a textile and fashion company, which she was particularly attracted to because of her fondness for drawing clothes designs.

Her interests are as well photography, traveling and discovering other cultures, and classical music, a hobby that comes from her family, so she has been playing the piano since she was little.