Mickey Mouse will no longer be owned by Disney in 2024

In 2024, the iconic first Mickey Mouse design will become part of the public domain

This means that short films can be created with Disney’s flagship and products can be marketed with those first features devised by Walt Disney, but only with the drawing that appeared in the first Steamboat Willie movie.

The original creations are protected during the author’s lifetime and for a minimum of 70 years after his death. After that, they can be exploited free of charge, provided that moral rights are respected. The consequences may vary, but in the case of the world’s most famous mouse, for BALDER‘s partner, Inmaculada de la Haza, “the consequences will not be very tangible, since the copyrights that will enter the public domain are only those that protect the original creation of 1928 and only in the United States.”

You can read the full article published in Expansión at this link: https://www.expansion.com/juridico/actualidad-tendencias/2023/05/29/6474dc87468aeb46378b45f3.html