M. Sc. Chemistry
European Patent Attorney

After obtaining his degree in Organic Chemistry from the Madrid Autónoma University in Spain and working in the synthesis of macrocycles at the Florida State University in the U.S. (4 papers published), Miguel’s first job – after a short training period- was in business consultancy. Now, although he found this area interesting and potentially rewarding, he had no use of his scientific knowledge and skills. Thus, when he saw the opportunity to get into IP consultancy, he took it. That was back in 2004.

He started his career at a multinational IP firm with a special focus on Latin America, and after some years there he moved on to a young and very successful patent prosecution boutique, at that time considered to be the leading practice in Spain in the chemical and biotech fields. There he earned his wings becoming a European Patent Attorney and after some years of hard and successful work, partnership seemed to be imminent.

However, during his time in the U.S., Miguel had seen how entrepreneurs in the chemical field had been successful in exploiting IP rights to produce innovative products that made a difference. In the process they had also made a living of it. That was cool! And one day, when discussing with a client who held some promising applications, he saw his chance and left the safe harbor of the prosperous IP firm to join efforts with his client in a young pharmaceutical company, QuosPharma.

They worked hard indeed, but it turned out that the timing was not the best. Miguel and his colleagues soon found themselves trying to keep the company afloat in the stormy waters of the worst financial crisis in decades. The situation in Europe was bad, and in Spain it was terrible, with companies going bankrupt every day. It was not an easy task for a small pharma start-up to convince investors equally battered by the crisis. In the end, it turned out to be impossible.

With the same enthusiasm that he dedicated to his start-up Miguel fully concentrated his efforts in IP consultancy, which he had never abandoned. Soon he was working full time combining his activity as “external in-house counsel” for a large petrochemical corporation, with freelancer assignments for SMEs and startups. All his entrepreneurial and in-house experience has been extremely useful to Miguel in understanding client’s needs and a getting a broader vision of the synergies of IP and business. Meanwhile, during his days as in-house counsel and freelancer, the idea was maturing that his capabilities would be of better service in private practice.

As it turns out, some of his old colleagues from that very first IP job of his had founded BALDER, and when they were looking for a top performer to reinforce the chemistry section of their patent department, it was a no-brainer for either of them? Miguel was one of Spain’s most reputed European Patent Attorneys, hard-working and ambitious and with experience both from private practice and from industry. Miguel’s presence in our team is one more reason for demanding clients to choose BALDER as their IP service provider!