M. Sc. Aeronautical Engineering
European Patent Attorney
Spanish Patent and Trademark Attorney

Gustavo’s life could be summarized in two words: “big dreams”. This led him to choose aeronautic engineering to become an F1 engineer. Cars and engines had been on his mind since he walked as a child in the streets and parks in Aluche, Madrid. But after obtaining his degree in 2006 and working in a major air transport consultancy, he had another big dream, and entered the Seminary. However, in 2010 he left his studies during the third course, as priesthood did not seem to be what God had in mind for him. He returned to his airport projects and “normal” life (he sometimes wonders which life is more “normal”), and he married his wife. This is another big and wonderful dream…

Intellectual property had not been in his mind until 2011, when he casually came across a public examination to become a patent examiner. Whereas he did not end up at the Patent Office, he found that the patent profession seemed to be an interesting one, with many opportunities. And he got a good start, getting a job at one of Spain’s leading patent prosecution firms in January 2012. There he learnt the basics of the profession and met a lot of great people and serious professionals. He passed the exam for becoming a Spanish IP Agent and, in the first sitting, “almost” the four papers of the EQE. When he decided to enter Balder, in January 2016, he saw it as another big challenge and as an opportunity to learn from a different group of great people and professionals.

In his free time, he is happy praising God with his guitar and his group, walking through parks and forests around Madrid with his wife or just spending cheerful evenings with friends.