BALDER at Forempleo

Posted on 18/10/2017 by balder


The BALDER team has rapidly grown during our first five years: now we are almost sixty people, including patent and trademark attorneys, paralegal staff and trainees. During the first years we benefited from our knowledge of the local IP landscape: we managed to attract some of the very best professionals, people whom we knew and whose competence we appreciated. To a substantial extent our growth has been based on hiring top-of-the range senior professionals.

However, during the last couple of years we have focused more and more on hiring and training young people, “trainees”. Yet where do you find the right “raw material”? When for example looking for future European patent attorneys for our electro-mechanical team, a problem we face is that graduate engineers generally have zero awareness of IP: the subjects they have studied do not include topics related to patents, trademarks or designs. And we do not want to hire those who just by chance send out their CVs in massive mailings, looking for any job. We want people with talent. We need creative people with a technical background, a legal mind, capable of expressing themselves well, at least in English and Spanish, and preferably familiar with other languages.

As part of our search for talent, this year we attended, for the first time, the employment fair Forempleo organized by Universidad Carlos III, one of Spain’s most reputed public universities. We met students and had the possibility of introducing them to the world of IP and to the idea of working with a fascinating mix of Law and technology. Hopefully some of them will end up as successful members of our team, helping us to continue living up to our client’s expectations!